How to Get Women Interested in You

You’re a nice guy, you have a lot of positive qualities, you look after yourself, and you know you can look after a decent woman.  But how do you get women to be interested in you in the first place unless you have male model looks? There will never be a simple code that men will be able to use to crack the mystery of sexual attraction to women, but there are some simple steps every man can take to improve the odds.

1 / Always wear a high quality proven pheromone scent.  As described elsewhere on this site, the most advanced product right now is Attrakt for Men, combining not only proven pheromone perfumes, but the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.

2/ Learn how to approach women, both in the nighttime and the daytime. Two of the best practioners of ‘daygame’ – the art of seducing attractive women in the street – are KrauserPUA and Deepak Wayne.

3/ Maximize your looks. Be willing to spend money. Buy better clothes, pay for a better haircut, join a good gym and attend regularly. Eat and sleep well and try to maintain a positive mood.  Look after your skin and always be well groomed.  If you really are ugly, consider cosmetic surgery but research the subject thoroughly.