Top 5 Female Pheromone Perfumes for Women

Scientists are increasingly figuring out the hidden role that female pheromone scents play in attracting male partners. Women have always subconsciously released pheromones – naturally occuring chemical compounds – when sexually available and ready to be mated with an attractive male. These pheromones, again subconsciously, sexually excite and attract Alpha Males to the female. Now you can give yourself the edge by using pheromone scents to increase your power to attract the opposite sex. Although most pheromones online are designed to attract women, there are a handful of companies producing pheromone sprays for women. These are the top 5 pheromone perfumes for women.

1 # Attrakt for Her – $79 – Flaunt your individuality and sensuality. Attrakt for Her has been carefully formulated to evoke your inner beauty. As unique as you, this oxytocin spray with natural pheromones pairs with your favorite fragrance and your natural mystique to inspire confidence and connections.

2 # TRUE Love – $52 – Comfort & Relationship Building Pheromones For Women To Attract Men. Harnesses the power of FIVE female pheromones.

3 # Primal Woman – $59 – Primal Women is the most potent unscented pheromone for women, available exclusively at Love Scent!

4 # TRUE Essence – $52 – When you ovulate, your body lets men know with pheromone signals that increase your attractiveness by up to 250%. TRUEEssence harnesses this power with Copulin pheromones.

5 # TRUE Sexiness – $59 – Don’t just feel sexy. Be sexy. And do it by only changing the signals you send to his subconscious!